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Beautiful Lawn Care by In-Ground Sprinklers

4 Advantages to Having In-Ground Sprinklers

Once the snow starts melting you begin to see what is left of your lawn after a harsh winter. Patches of dead grass are noticeable, along with any other damage that could be done. Imagining a beautiful, healthy green lawn really isn’t that farfetched. There are steps you can take to help make your dream lawn become a reality, and in-ground sprinklers are just one of them. Here are four advantages to having in-ground sprinklers:

Dry Summers

Anyone who lives in Ottawa knows two very important things: we can have extremely cold winters, and unbearably hot summers. Unfortunately, our lawns do not respond well to either, and our summers can leave us with burn spots, and dried out blades of grass. In-ground sprinklers know exactly how much water is needed to keep our lawns looking lush, no matter what the forecast. Fortunately, most in-ground sprinklers are equipped with a rain gauge that tells the system exactly how much precipitation we have received so your lawn is never under or over watered.


In-ground sprinkling systems work with an automatic schedule to ensure your lawn gets the water it requires at the right time of day to stay healthy. Watering your lawn during the middle of the day will not only cost you a fortune, but can also end up burning your lawn due to the Sun’s high UV rays. By working with an in-ground sprinkling system your lawn will be watered either during the early morning, or late evening when water is absorbed best.

Environmentally Friendly

In-ground sprinkling systems are extremely environmentally friendly as they only use the minimal amount of water required to keep your lawn looking lush, rather than wasting water that is not needed.

What is Best for Your Yard

When purchasing an in-ground sprinkling system, the lawn care professional will recommend the type of system and structure that is best for your yard. It is in their best interest to create the perfect in-ground sprinkling system that will hydrate your yard as required. Whether your yard is mainly composed of grass or garden your lawn care professional will ensure your yard is watered thoroughly and evenly.

Although a bit pricey in the beginning, in-ground sprinkling systems can save you time and money, ultimately saving you quite a bit of money and hassle in the long run.